Download GTA 5 Android APK

Download GTA 5 Android APK

Download GTA 5 Android APK

Download GTA 5 Android APK Download

Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure open world video game either played in third-perspective or in the first-person view is now finally re-released for the first time on the mobile phones. It was first released in 2013 for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 3, Play Station 4, XBOX 360, and XBOX One. GTA 5 is set on the fictional places/location of San Andreas, based on Southern California. The game places/location is based on the countrysides and also the fictional place of Los Angeles and known as Los Santos in the game. The game has been one of the greatest entries of all Grand Theft Auto Series after Grand Theft Auto IV.

Download GTA 5 Android APK

What’s new in Grand Theft Auto V Android?

GTA 5 Android is a fascinating game of android phones till now. The game is perfectly compatible with most mobile devices. The open-world design in this game lets the players roam around the fictional places of San Andreas, and the Fictional places of Los Santos. The game-play of this GTA 5 Android APK is similar to the other consoles. The control/gaming mechanisms/mechanics are kinda different, there are floating keys to move around the character inside the game.

Story Line

The storyline of this game GTA 5 Android APK is similar to the other consoles. There are three playable characters in the game. They are Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillps, and Franklin Clinton. So the story starts with the bank heist. The plot of the game is so awesome and cool. The game has also won the “Game of the Year” award. In the Bank, Heist three-character splits up and they start their own gaming world. Players can now swap with 3 other characters while choosing one character other characters to live up their own independent life.

You may be wondering about the compatible devices which you can run GTA 5 on Mobile?

GTA 5 Android APK is compatible with most of the android devices over 1 GB RAM, QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 675 processor, and online it requires 2 MBPS internet connection minimum, offline can be played too.

Download GTA 5 Android APK

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